My name is Eugene Walter and I have been a licensed massage therapist in Dallas, TX since 1989, and a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 1991.

After graduation it was very natural for me to take many different classes, workshops and seminars to continue to improve my massage knowledge and skills. Throughout my academic training in the arts and humanities (M.M. from SMU), and in my work both in higher education and business before coming to massage, I have always enjoyed continuing education.

From 1990-1995, as I was first building up my practice, I worked part-time at the well-known Cooper Aerobics Center here in Dallas. Cooper's legendary reputation and high-profile local and international clientele made working there a great experience to have so early in my new career.  I still have regular clients from that early time.

From that beginning my private clientele blossomed into a very diverse and interesting group of wonderful people both locally as well as from out of town through hotel out calls. 

It was through a hotel out call that I first met Art Garfunkel which led to my becoming his personal therapist on the Simon and  Garfunkel reunion tour across the US in 2004.

Chair massages at corporate and business locations, trade shows, special events and parties have been another big component of my practice.

Also, in the mid-1990's I taught a "Massage for Couples" class to scores of couples at a then-popular adult learning center named FUN/ED.  I currently still offer this class when requested.

A lifelong interest in health and wellness played a big part in the decision to become a massage therapist at age 49. But even though massage is a wonderful--and greatly undervalued--tool for enhancing wellness, I have always recognized it to be but one part of the total wellness equation.

So often massage clients come with health issues that can be greatly improved or even eliminated with just a little bit of gentle encouragement and coaching. To better fill that need, I have now completed the premiere and most rigorous Professional Health Coach training program currently offered in the US. So now I am also offering Professional Health Coaching to both individuals and corporate/business groups.  If interested, call 214-692-5720 for details and pricing.