Chair massage--also called seated or on-site massage--is growing in popularity faster than any other type of massage.  And for many good reasons:

1) No need to remove clothing,  2) No oils or lotion to be sticky or stain clothing, 3) Can be done out in the open and publicly, making it non-threatening and great for introducing new people to massage,  4) Targets the areas where people need massage the most--neck, shoulders and back,  5) Affordable for anyone, 6) Takes only a few minutes and, 7) Can conveniently be done in a variety of locations and is highly adaptable to a wide range of situations and events.

In the workplace, chair massage is a win-win for employer and employee alike.  It costs less and is more effective than almost any other type of employee wellness program.  And perhaps most important of all, the employees absolutely love it!  They perceive it as a genuine perk and  something special to look forward to--even when they're paying for part or all of it.

Employer benefits typically include less employee sickness and absenteeism (these costs are horrendous!--according to government statistics), increased productivity, and greater company loyalty.  Truly, the small investment in chair massage doesn't cost; it actually pays. Some estimate that the employer gets back in hard dollar benefits 1.5 to 2.5 times the amount spent.

The employees experience less stress and increased energy levels, they are happier and more content, and have improved morale because they feel that the company really cares about them.

In a 1992 study at the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami, participants receiving chair massage showed measurably reduced anxiety and stress levels, their brain waves proved they were more relaxed yet had heightened alertness, and they had better performance on math problems (completed in less time with fewer errors).

Some of the corporate clients I've done chair massage for include:  Deloitte and Touche, LLP (Tax Dept); Tenent Healthcare Corp. (Patient Financial Services); NEC America, Inc; Chippenhook, Inc.; Specialty Billing Services, Inc.; Dallas Employment Services, Inc.;  Kelly and Lawrence, Accountants; Salmon Companies, Inc.; Forrester Research, Inc.;  Robbins Brothers Jewelers; Regus Management Group; City of Corinth; Mercury Financial Group; University of North Texas (Dallas); Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Payment options vary from the employer paying, the employee paying, or working out a split payment.

As for frequency, some companies use massage on a regular basis (weekly, monthly quarterly), others just for special occasions such as a surprise reward or to show appreciation.  But however it's done, one thing remains constant: the employees love it!

But please don't think chair massage is just for the office!  Parties, trade shows, fairs of all kinds, promotional and charity events, meetings and conventions, hospitals, rehab centers,  nursing or retirement homes--I've worked all these and more.  And yet these are just a few of the seemingly endless possibilities for chair massage.

Prices start at $65 per hour, generally with a 2-hour minimum.  Feel free to call for more information and exact pricing for your particular situation.