Do you practice by yourself or do you work with other therapists?  I can't tell because sometimes you say "we" and "us" and sometimes "I" and "me" in this website.  

I have been a solo practitioner since 1989 when I first graduated from massage school and became licensed (see bio).  However, especially in today's inter-connected world,  "no man is an island" and I am part of a team effort that includes administrative and technical support without which I could not function efficiently or effectively.  That's why I often use "we" and "us" instead of just "I" and "me."

Also, over the years I have networked with other carefully selected health care professionals, including other massage therapists who have training and skills I lack, for referral purposes. 


Do you ever work with VIP clients?

I treat all my clients as VIPs because to me that's what every single one of them is--even though most would probably not call themselves that.  However, from time to time I do have high-profile clients with special needs for privacy, security, etc.  I've had my share of professional athletes, high-ranking government officials, famous entertainers and the very wealthy as clients.  I am familiar with and prepared to discreetly meet the unique needs such clients may sometimes have.

Describe the facilities at your studio

You'll find my studio to be quiet, safe, private, and pleasantly inviting, with adjustable temperature and lighting.  If you want music, I can provide it or you can bring your own CD or cassette.  A restroom and shower is available for your use if desired.

How much advance notice do you require for appointments?

Most of the time, very little.  While I make myself available for many hours each day, I obviously couldn't do massage for all of those hours.  Most days the massages are spread out throughout the day.  This allows for sufficient time between sessions and also for considerable flexibility.  Some days sessions are more bunched up, and that's OK, too.  If you have any flexibility at all in your schedule, I should be able to accommodate you on just about any day--either at or close to the time you request.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check or major credit card.


Tips are gratefully received.  But whether or not you tip, and the amount of any tip, is entirely up to you. 10 to 20 percent is customary, depending on how pleased the client is with the service.