For the past 79 years Standard Process has been doing nutritional supplements right.  Browse their website at  www.standardprocess.com  and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about. 

     From growing their own organic plants, raising their own healthy animals, and then carefully processing these raw materials into the end products, it's a quality act all the way.  And it shows in the health results that their customers achieve.

     Standard Process products can be purchased only after personal consultation with a health care professional, and it gives me great pleasure to be among the few massage therapists who are able to offer these outstanding supplements to their customers.

     For the past few years Standard Process has partnered with MediHerb whose herbal products are of an equally high quality.  If you want to build your immune system and keep it strong--avoiding or greatly lessening the effects of ordinary colds, flu-like symptoms, low energy, etc.--you will do yourself a favor by becoming familiar with these unusually potent and effective herbal products.

     And finally, Standard Process has a veterinarian line of whole food supplements for dogs, cats, horses and other pets that every pet owner should know about.

     Feel free to call me at any time to discuss your nutritional needs or those of your pet at 214-692-5720.